Beer Now Confrence Starts Tomorrow!

2019 Beer Now conference will take place June 6-8 in Great Falls, MT and approximately 150 beer bloggers, writers, and social media influencers from throughout North America and beyond were in attendance.

This year’s conference included a pre-conference excursion to Helena on June 5th. During this overnight excursion, attendees did some extensive sampling at four out of five of Helena’s finest craft breweries (Lewis and Clark Brewing, Blackfoot River Brewing, Ten Mile Creek Brewery and Snow Hop Brewery), chat with Montana’s Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney about the future of craft beer in Montana, and enjoy a five course beer pairing at the Montana Club before returning to Great Falls on June 6 to visit the largest malt producer in North America, and the second largest malt producer in the world, Malteurop Malting Company to learn about the malting process and to sample even more craft beer from all across Montana to showcase their malts.

Malteurop is a farmer owned co-op, and their motto is “From Field to Flavor”, and they live up to that motto by being involved in every aspect of barley production right up to the point where the malted barley is turned into our favorite beverage. They don’t just malt barley. They work closely with brewers to determine what they are looking for in a malt. They work with the farmers to grow that barley or develop new strains of barley to meet those needs.

The conference continues on Friday, June 6. with a number of informational sessions during the day, dinner at Jeremiah Johnson Brewery, and a Hop On Craft Beer Tour.

I can’t wait!

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