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My Beer Journal was created and is maintained by Curtis and Phuong George. Where ever they find themselves, they seek out the local beer culture, and celebrate the local flavor and styles that can only be found locally.

No matter where you travel, the beer brewed locally has a unique flavor, that can only be created through a combination of local ingredients, local water, and a willingness to innovate and experiment.

While the classic styles have endured for centuries, (for very good reasons) new styles are being developed every day, and old styles are being rediscovered and reinterpreted.

Each craft brewery and their beer is a reflection of not only the skill of the brewer, but of their personality, and the community in which it exists.

Many of us encouraged out children to try new things. “Try it! You might like it.” was a common thing for our parents to say to us, and for us to tell our children, and more often than not, we discovered something new we liked. As an adult, I have lost count of the foods and beverages that I have “discovered” and felt I had been missing out on my whole life!

To those who might say that there are too many craft breweries, I would like to point out that in the 1870s there were approximately 11,000 people per brewery, however in 2017 there were almost 52,000 people per brewery. In other words, nearly 150 years ago there were close to 5 times as many breweries per person than there were just last year!! We have a long way to go to catch up to pre-prohibition brewery numbers!  Too many? I think not!

Here’s to the best beer you’ve never had!



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